Before & After 2nd Bedroom

Here are the promised before and afters of the little room.





















The color is more grey than the picture shows, the flash really brought out the blue undertones in the paint. It’s also pretty blank right now but I will be looking for new bedding and decor in the up coming weeks.

Window shopping

I am loving looking for fun things for the house, now I cant get it all but its my version of window shopping so it’s fun nontheless. Here are just a couple of the things I’ve been looking at. has been one of my favorite sites lately. Some neat stuff and also a lot of it is handmade which is always nice.


Aren't these just too cute!

Aren't these just too cute!



Picture 8

I just love these plates.


Getting there

Today I finished up the small bedroom. We have decided to make this back into a guest room and are moving back into the larger room that goes out onto the deck. Since we are no longer playing WoW there is no need for us to have a true “computer room” . I’m really happy that we will actually have a room for guest to come and stay with us and plus its a new room for me to decorate yay!

I decided on doing the room in Shale Grey from Behr, it was intended for our bathroom but just didnt work in there. I’ll add some before and after shots soon.

Behr "Shale Gray"

Behr "Shale Gray"


At the last minute today I decided that I couldn’t handle the bathroom being the awful color that we had painted it a few weeks ago. Not to mention we have about 10 other colors in small spots all over the room to try and find another one! So far nothing has worked. Our bathroom seems to hate all colors except grey (which is what it use to be). Well tonight the bathroom won, I went ahead and painted it with the left over paint from the computer room, its Anonymous by Behr , even though its almost the same as before I ever painted it atleast its better than what it was.

Behr "Anonymous"

Behr "Anonymous"

Here we go again

Well, I wanted to start a new site where I can put up all the renovation and re-design that we are doing to the house. I have tons of stuff to do and way too many ideas so I should be able to keep this pretty active.

I’ll also be posting fuzzy related things as well as our adventures.